Liberty House is our latest architectural marvel in the heart of Limassol's historical center: a state-of-the-art commercial space that seamlessly integrates cutting-edge design with environmental consciousness.

Offering a unique blend of luxury, functionality, and sustainability this commercial development is not just a workspace but a statement of sophistication and environmental responsibility. It’s an ideal locale for discerning businesses looking to thrive in a space that’s both modern and mindful of its heritage.

The Neighbourhood

Limassol's Historical Center offers a unique blend of rich heritage and modern vibrancy, making it an ideal location for your business.

This charming area, renowned for its picturesque streets and traditional architecture, invites a steady flow of both locals and tourists, ensuring constant foot traffic and exposure for your venture. The historical center, brimming with cultural landmarks and artisanal shops, provides an enchanting backdrop that enhances brand image and customer experience.

Being situated here means joining a diverse community of thriving businesses, from quaint cafes to innovative startups, all benefiting from the area's robust infrastructure and supportive local economy. Embrace the opportunity to make your mark in a location where history meets opportunity, and tradition fuses with entrepreneurial spirit.

Main features

  • Central VrV Air-Condition System & Ventilation System
  • Raised Floor System
  • Photovoltaics & Net Metering
  • Electric Vehicle Charge Station
  • Superior Thermal Aluminum Sash & Curtain Wall Glazing
  • Double Height Impressive Lobby - High Ceilings: +3m height
  • Ambient Entrance Lighting
  • Secured Entry & Face Recognition Entry Video Phone
  • Interior Design Consultation
  • Automated Gate for Parking Area

The Location


9 min walk to Supermarket


25 min walk to Schools


10 min walk to Anexartisias St.


7 min walk to beach


8 min drive to Motorway


6 min walk to Limassol Marina

The Project

Liberty House, situated in the historic heart of Old Limassol, merges contemporary architecture with traditional aesthetics.

Making use of a Corten steel façade, Liberty House is a testament to thoughtful design and durability. Its most striking feature, the double-height ground floor lobby, welcomes visitors with a spacious and elegant entrance that showcases sleek vertical lighting and high ceilings, enhancing the open, airy feel.

The interior continues the theme of refined modernity, incorporating minimalist designs with warm wooden accents and polished concrete, complemented by touches of greenery that promote a tranquil atmosphere.

The expansive windows ensure ample natural light, which dynamically interacts with the internal space to create a lively yet peaceful environment. Functional and versatile, Liberty House features multiple entrances to accommodate a range of business operations, with a rooftop garden that provides
a serene escape for leisure and corporate events. Sustainability is a cornerstone of the design, evident in the inclusion of photovoltaic panels to reduce energy consumption.

Combining innovative, eco-friendly design with a deep respect for its historical surroundings, Liberty House not only serves the needs of modern businesses but also contributes significantly to the architectural and environmental landscape of Old Limassol.

Floor Plans

Project Gallery